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If you make a burrito you're now guilty of 'cultural appropriation'?

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Two women in Portland who started a successful burrito pop-up were literally shamed out of business after people cried “cultural appropriation” on their tortilla recipe.

In an interview, Kali Wilgus and Liz "LC" Connelly of Portland talked about how they were inspired by the delicious, handmade flour tortillas in Mexico during a trip over Christmas. Connelly described how she asked everyone she could how to make the tortillas, and women in Mexico told her the basic ingredients. By watching them work and doing a lot of experimenting in her kitchen at home, Connelly was able to come up with a similar recipe to make back in Portland.

On Friday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Doc Thompson and the guys talked about the doomed burrito pop-up and the absurdity of the idea that cultural appropriation exists. The politically correct concept of cultural appropriation says that people from one culture who use elements or ideas from another culture are “appropriating” or stealing.

Wilgus and Connelly, who are white, opened the burrito pop-up to make delicious breakfast burritos on weekends, a small business called Kooks Burritos that has since closed. Using Connelly’s flour tortillas and Wilgus’ homemade salsa, the pair made California burritos complete with French fries, scrambled eggs and guacamole.

Unfortunately, the pop-up business closed after the interview hit the internet. Progressive sites picked up their comments and made the small Portland business a national story about cultural appropriation; Kooks Burritos closed soon after, and its internet presence has been scrubbed.

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