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Is mayor of New York City really enough for Hillary?

Mike Opelka
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Monday on "Pure Opelka," Mike Opelka talked about Hillary Clinton's recent rumblings about diving back into the world of politics with a possible run for mayor of New York City. Believing she could have an easy victory, Opelka was dubious that mayor of New York City is what she truly wants.

"If Hillary Clinton becomes mayor of New York, yes she's the mayor of the biggest city in America, and yes she would win in a minute. Hillary Clinton could win the mayor's race in New York City if she left Bill and started dating Anthony Weiner... she would be elected," Mike said.

Opelka pointed out a number of things Hillary would find beneficial in the role of mayor of New York City, namely, making President Donald Trump's life miserable. But after nearly attaining the presidency, would that be enough for her?

"She's already been a Senator, she's been Secretary of State, really Secretary of State the second most powerful job in the government," Mike said, suggesting that, because the Secretary of State is responsible for keeping the world on an even keel, it is a more powerful position than Vice President.

"Almost president to mayor of New York, kind of a let down," Opelka noted. He then followed with what he believes her true goal to be: "She wants to be the power in the Democratic Party. The only tough news is so do the Obamas. Well, the Clintons will not give up that easily."

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