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Is this company purposefully driving up prices, or are independent contractors trying to survive?

Lawrence Jones
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Uber, the ride sharing app that changed how Americans get around their communities, is frequently criticized for some of its business practices. Surge pricing, the increase in cost for rides based on a variety of factors, annoys a number of people. The Telegraph even reports that some Uber drivers time when to log on to the system to drive prices up.

Mike, a former driver for Uber, called into "The Lawrence Jones Show" this weekend to explain the supply and demand model that drivers -- who are independent contractors -- employ to make a profit. When there are a lot of drivers available to multiple riders, he might only make $8.00 per hour were it not for surge pricing.

Uber's site says it provides an incentive for drivers to get on the road and pick up customers during hectic times.

Lawrence Jones noted, "At the end of the day, customers will leave if they feel like it's a shady business."

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