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Israeli government moving forward with plans to expand egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall

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Here are the headlines from ZION news:

- The Israeli government is now planning to expand the same egalitarian prayer space at the southern section of the Western Wall, which was halted from happening last month. However, liberal Jewish denominations will not be in charge.

- Israel has placed metal detectors at the Muslim-only entrances to the site of the first and second temples, as well as the Dome of the Rock and al Aqsa mosque. This action is being violently protested by the Jordanian Islamic Waqf and its followers.

- Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ram Shmueli, Former Head of Israeli Air Force Intelligence, came to the ILTV studio to take a closer look at the events following last weekend’s terror attack on the Temple Mount.

- Vice President Mike Pence has just reiterated President Trump’s campaign promises to move the American embassy to Jerusalem at a conference for “Christians United for Israel.”

- At the last minute, the United States decided to continue on with the 2015 Iran deal, which is raising questions in Jerusalem as to just how the U.S. intends to counter Iranian military expansion in the Middle East.

- The state said that allowing same-sex couples to adopt would place a burden the child after already making it illegal for gay couples to adopt children in Israel.

- The Knesset has approved a law allowing Israeli courts to demand internet service providers block or remove websites promoting illegal or terror-related activities.

- Yair Vardi, CEO of the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater, spoke at the ILTV studio about the center.

- The 20th annual Maccabiah games have come to an end. Participants from across the world all agree that it was a great experience.

- A new online initiative called Betzavta created a way that travelers to Israel can enjoy home cooked authentic food by inviting them to the kitchens of local Israelis.

- Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "arucha," written ארוחה, which means "meal."

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