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Justice Antonin Scalia's support for a convention of states comes to light

Glenn Beck
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Recently, Justice Antonin Scalia's comments during a 1979 American Enterprise Institute panel have been utilized by the Convention of States Project to drum up support for a grassroots effort to change the Constitution. Specifically, the group has pointed to then-Professor Scalia's remarks defending the Article V provision of the Constitution which allows a convention of states to propose and ratify amendments without Congressional involvement. Glenn Beck and the gang echo Scalia's support for this valuable method for US citizens to directly affect the structure and reach of the federal government.

"The Founders put it in because they saw this time coming," Glenn says. "They knew that the government would figure out it could take money from people and give it to all the wrong people. There had to be a way to stop that. This was the last thing they put in....We gotta give the power to the people."

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