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Listen: Israel demands Poland amend new Holocaust Bill

(Photo by Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for HISTORY Germany)

I.D.F. foils potential Terror Attack in W. Bank

The I.D.F. has just halted what could’ve been a potentially deadly Terror Attack on Jewish homes in the West Bank. Two Palestinian suspects were busted attempting to sneak into the Itamar community, wearing I.D.F.-style uniforms.


German & Jordanian leaders meet

Germany’s President has just met face-to-face with the King of Jordan to discuss the obstacles for Middle East peace. German President counters Trump on Jerusalem; backs two-state solution.


Knesset Internal Affairs committee meets today

Elad Hadar, CEO Of The Israeli Success Center speaking at ILTV Studio about shaming on social media and how it massively impacts small businesses


Leaked tape of P.M.’s wife ignites controversy

A leaked 2009 recording of the Israeli Prime Minister wife, Sara, has ignited a firestorm of controversy, the Israeli leader says that the tape is nothing short of a full out media witch hunt that is targeting his entire family.


Israel demands Poland amend new Holocaust Bill

Poland’s controversial new bill that outlaws identifying Nazi Concentration Camps in is continuing to ignite fierce controversy. Prime minister Netanyahu has demanded that Poland fix the bill immediately.


Israeli singer may compete in Eurovision

Tomer Cohen, Candidate In Eurovision speaking at ILTV Studio about his success in Eurovision in making it to the finals and how and why he may compete for Romania.


‘Reporty’ opens for business in Nice, France

The French city of Nice is famous for its gorgeous location on the French Riviera, and is about to test a new, city-wide Israeli app to help citizens instantly report crime from anywhere at any time.


Syrian baby released from Israeli hospital

A new-born Syrian Refugee has just been airlifted from an Israeli hospital, but this time, for a very happy reason, Israeli doctors have corrected a serious congenital heart defect.


Arab enrollment to university spikes 78%

It looks like Arab enrollment in Israeli universities is the highest it’s ever been, the number has spiked an impressive seventy-eight percent over the last seven years.


Swap homes to cut vacation costs

Yariv Gilad, Founder & CEO Of Casaversa speaking at ILTV Studio about the Israeli company that is offering a different solution for housing when traveling abroad.


Man gets new kidney after t-shirt goes viral

Robert Leibowitz, a father of five who visited Disney World wearing a t-shirt that said “in need of kidney” has just received a lifesaving transplant from a stranger.


Hebrew word Of The Day: KIL’YAH | כִּליָה = KIDNEYLearn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Tzanua" which means "Modest"


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