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Let’s cook the perfect meal

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On this week’s episode of “40 Acres and a Fool,” Miss E and Cam Edwards shared their family’s experience with a homey southern recipe that combined ground pork and shrimp.

“Anybody can make this,” Miss E reassured the audience. She was skeptical at first, but the delicious results won her over. “My brain was going, ‘Shrimp and pork? This is gonna be weird.’”

The recipe involved sautéing small shrimp in a wok, and then making a ground pork-and-garlic brown gravy. The shrimp were stirred back into the gravy, which was poured over rice and finished with drizzled beet and egg “to get it sauce-like and creamy,” Miss E described.

“I was impressed,” Miss E said. “It was really a lot better than I thought it was gonna be. It was really good.”

Even Kid 3, who tends to be picky, loved it, Miss E remembered. “He’s the kid who likes sushi and I didn’t think he would.”

“No, that wasn’t Kid 3. That was Kid 4,” Cam said.

“I’m trying to be good [and not use the real names],” Miss E explained.

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