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Listen: A 100-year-old trespasser? Man gives fake birth date of 1917 after arrest

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A 19-year-old arrested in Fort Walton, Florida gave his birth date as 1917. The cops were tipped off that he was lying because … he was obviously not a century old.

“When falsifying your age, keep it in the same century,” Doc advised in this “Friday Leftovers” segment.

The man was reportedly homeless and gave police three different names along with the fake birth date while being investigated for trespassing, NWF Daily News reported. He was charged with giving a false name and possessing a controlled substance after THC was found in a vaping pen in his bag.

Listen to the full clip (above) for more hilarious crime stories, including a man who said he needed his syringes for insulin – which would have been fine if they didn’t contain traces of meth instead – and a robbery victim made the mistake of calling the police to tell them his marijuana was stolen.

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