Listen: Author describes Clinton Foundation as ‘largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted’

Author and well-known researcher, Charles Ortel, is on an unrelenting mission to uncover every last shady dealing that’s taken place in the Clinton Charity Network he’s dubbed the “Clinton Crime Fund.”

Ortel discussed the latest in his investigation with the guys of “The Conservative Cartel” and what he uncovered thus far is mindnumbing.

Ortel has been investigating the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation since 2015 and believes it’s the largest unprosecuted fraud scheme in history.

Firstly, “let’s stop calling it the Clinton Foundation,” said Ortel. “It’s really the Clinton Crime Fund. It is not a foundation. What this thing is is an excuse for people who want to get close; to want to be on the right side, and avoid being on the bad side to the most crooked family ever to spend this much time at the top of any major nation’s political scene since 1776.”

Ortel is a writer and investor who has uncovered multiple charity fraud schemes since 2007.

Tune in to find out what he’s uncovered and read more about his investigation here and listen to part two of Ortel’s interview here.

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