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Listen: Author: Next generation of wearable tech will predict when you'll have a heart attack

Glenn Beck

In his book "Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane," author Brett King explored how the next generation of wearable technology will completely disrupt our lives. Glenn recently invited him onto the show to talk about artificial intelligence, smart technology and what the world will look like a decade from now.

"Lately, I've been reading a lot of science fiction and a lot of science," Glenn said. "It's going to creep up on us fast. Ten years from now, our lives, our health, our jobs – possibly, hopefully our politics – are going to be completely different."

Here are some of the topics they covered in this clip:

  • Jobs, education and health of the future
  • The "four disruptors" that will change our world
  • The effects of having computers "embedded" everywhere
  • Future smart wearables that will predict and monitor your health

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