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Listen: Bombshell report: Hamas may be ready to give up its army -- but in exchange for what?


U.S. mulls slashing aid to Palestinians

Israeli media claims the United States has frozen nearly $125 million in aid to the UN’s refugee agency for Palestinians, reports that the US State Department fully denies. Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Former Consul General of New York, speaks at ILTV Studio about the fact that State Dept. denies cutting $125m to UNRWA making Israel wary of consequences.

Report: Hamas might be ready to give up its army (Starts around 7:00 min)

A bombshell report has just quoted a top Hamas official who says the terror group is ready to give up its weapons in exchange for official membership in the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Jewish convert with valid visa deported

The case of a Jewish convert from Kenya has fiercely divided political and religious leaders, after the man was deported from Israel just hours after landing in Ben Gurion Airport.

Beloved Israeli Author passes away at age 85

Author Aharon Appelfeld wrote some of the most defining Holocaust novels of the twentieth century. The beloved author has just passed away at age 85.

Israel sets Nano-satellite launch

Scientists hope for first-ever successful ‘formation’ in orbit.  Israel is set to launch an amazing new fleet of Nano-Satellites into space.

Find Cancers sooner than ever

Shani Toledano, CEO of HT BioImaging, speaks at ILTV Studio about the Israeli medical company that is on a mission to create a device that will help find and treat cancer at an early stage.

Israeli ‘Smart Socks’ are on the way

An Israeli Startup has just sunk a million dollars into a brand new medical invention: the incredible battery-powered ‘Smart Socks.’ They’re wearable leg-wrappers that you wear like regular socks but they give you a constant massage throughout the day.

Redesign your favorite spaces in a snap

Galit Avinoam, founder & chief design officer at Myvinchi, speaks at ILTV Studio about the platform that marries interior design with V.R. Technology.

Gal Gadot says ‘#Timesup’ on harassment

Israeli Megastar Gal Gadot, otherwise known as ‘Wonder Woman’, has been making nonstop waves in box office history. She has also just joined a coalition of Hollywood women, vowing to help fund a legal defense for victims of sexual harassment.

Prehistoric site found by the side of the road

An incredible archaeological discovery has just been revealed in the Holy Land ... and it was hiding in plain sight. The finding dates back nearly half a million years ago, before homo sapiens walked the earth.

Hebrew word Of The Day: GARBAIM | גרביים = SOCKS

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Garbaim" which means "Socks."

The Weather Forecast

Tonight you can expect some scattered showers, but a rise in temperatures to a low of around forty-nine, or nine degrees Celsius. Tomorrow the skies should clear up, and there’s supposed to be another rise in temperatures to a high of sixty-nine, or twenty-one degrees Celsius.

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