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Listen: Former federal attorney says the government is more dangerous than you think

Doc Thompson
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You’ve probably heard about the devastating effects of Veterans Administration health care, a system that botches veterans’ care or lets them die while waiting to see a doctor. But government neglect has been deadly in many other cases – and too often it just gets covered up.

Former federal attorney David T. Hardy talked about his new book, “I'm from the Government and I'm Here to Kill You: The True Human Cost of Official Negligence,” with Doc and Kal on today's show.

"Agencies are like anything else," Hardy said. "Like a private company ... they seek their own power, their own budget, et cetera. And if that involves, well, killing a few people, they're going to kill a few people."

Here are just a few examples of government negligence that they discussed:

  • Texas City disaster in 1947 that killed around 800 people
  • Federal employees releasing huge amounts of contamination
  • Mexican drug cartels running guns for the government
  • Medical administrations that let people die and covered it up

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