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Listen: Getting your Thanksgiving stuffing ready? Check out Chef Patrick’s version

Doc Thompson

Perfecting your stuffing recipe or making your own for the first time? Either way, Chef Patrick has tips for flavorful stuffing for your Thanksgiving table this year.

Celery, onion and chicken stock are key. Patrick also has some opinions about extras like oysters or water chestnuts (Spoiler alert: They’re not necessary). He usually goes with a traditional white bread stuffing and shared this simple recipe (skip to 6:30 in the clip above to get straight to it):

  • Dice ciabatta bread, dry it out in the oven at 200 degrees
  • Leave the bread cubes out overnight to dry thoroughly
  • Add diced celery, onion, chicken stock and one egg
  • For some extra flavor, throw in some diced green apple and a quarter cup of red wine

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