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Listen: Here's how Houston is doing one month after Hurricane Harvey

Pat Gray Unleashed
DICKINSON, TX - SEPTEMBER 01: Dickinson residents discard possessions damaged by flooding brought on by Hurricane Harvey September 1, 2017 in Dickinson, Texas. Dickinson was hit by Hurricane Harvey extremely hard with major flooding in many areas of the city and residents there are beginning the long process of recovering from the storm. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Houston residents continue to recover after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas Gulf Coast last month and left 83 dead. People remain in shelters, items damaged by the floods are rotting on curbs, and life post-Harvey is anything but a nightmare. On Monday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat shared the devastation he witnessed while visiting Houston.

"I just got back from Houston over the weekend where we were helping people get their stuff out to the curb," said Pat. "Because anybody who had flood water of any kind -- from just a few inches to several feet -- now, everything's ruined. I mean literally, everything on that floor that flooded has to come out of the house. It's just ... it's mindboggling."

According to the Department of Public Safety, Harvey caused nearly $75 billion worth of damage when it made landfall as a Category 4 storm last month causing 120,000 rescues and 5,000 animal rescues from flood waters while displacing thousands.

Although residents affected by the storm returned to work and school a week later, Pat highlighted the fact that that too was a nightmare. "For the most part, it looks like they've completely recovered, then you go into the neighborhoods and you see how just overwhelming this situation is. I just couldn't believe it. Everybody has all this debris from their house piled up outside on their lawn, on their curb waiting for the backhoes to come scoop it up and take it away," said Pat.

Pat listed the items Houstonians are still in need of including diapers, garbage bags, boxes for items that were salvageable. Pat also shared that it took people five hours to get to work due to traffic and closed roads.

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