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Listen: Israel fears Syrian chemical weapon warfare

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Israeli PM & U.S. President to meet next month

Israeli Prime Minister will reportedly be meeting US President Donald Trump next month. Netanyahu will be visiting Washington for the Annual Aipac Conference, where the meeting should take place.


Poll asks should Israeli P.M. step down over corruption?

Despite the police allegations of corruption against the Israeli Prime Minister, polls seem to be indicating that support for Netanyahu may actually be rising, while half of Israelis seem to want the Israeli leader to step down.


Israel fears Syrian poison gas may leak into country

Israel is reportedly concerned that chemical weapons being used in Syria could spill over into Israeli territory.


Bill to open alleged graves nears final vote

Knesset Member Nurit Koren, Likud Party speaking at ILTV Studio about the fact that families have reached to an agreement with the government to investigate Yemenite Children Affair.


No Israelis hurt in Florida high school shooting

17 people are dead and 16 more wounded, following a massive shooting in a high school in Florida. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has just announced that there were no Israeli casualties, but several of the students killed were in fact Jewish.


Parkland Florida shooting

Melissa Stollman, Rabbi of Congregation Kol Tikvah speaking via Skype at ILTV Studio about the responds to tragic shooting in the Jewish community in Florida.


Combating Terrorism with start-up tech

Gideon Miller, Chairman of the CTTSC speaking at ILTV Studio about the global competition that hopes to leverage start-ups to help fight Terrorism.


Is facial recognition technology safe?

An Israeli start-up is on a mission to help our faces stay anonymous around the world, and it looks like they have a solution to protect you from hackers.


Redemption for bad apples everywhere

A team of Israeli scientists have just found a way to take bad apples that would typically go straight to the trash, and transform them into an incredible new super-powered superfood powder.


Israeli Olympic journey continues

The 2018 winter Olympics are underway, and Israeli athletes have been competing their hearts out all week with the goal of winning Israel’s first ever medal in the winter edition of the Olympics.


Top 5 extreme sports in the Holy Land

The top five extreme sports in the Holy Land if you are looking for a shot of adrenaline on your visit to Israel.


Hebrew word Of The Day: KAR | קַר = COLD

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Kar" which means "Cold"


The Weather Forecast

You can expect mostly sunny conditions on Friday before rain showers begin Saturday, the low tonight should be about fifty-two or eleven degrees Celsius. Then temperatures are supposed to drop on Saturday to a high of sixty or sixteen degrees Celsius.

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