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Listen: Roy Moore claims these 3 things have ‘replaced’ Americans' inalienable rights

Jeff Fisher
JACKSON, AL - NOVEMBER 14: Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Judge Roy Moore speaks during a campaign event at the Walker Springs Road Baptist Church on November 14, 2017 in Jackson, Alabama. The embattled candidate has been accused of sexual misconduct with underage girls when he was in his 30's. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Catch me up:

Republican candidate Roy Moore lost in Tuesday’s special election in Alabama, and Democrat Doug Jones will be the southern state’s new senator. The election was nail-bitingly close, and Moore is claiming that it hasn’t been settled yet.

Uh-oh. What’s he saying?

“Abortion, sodomy and materialism.” Those are the three things Roy Moore says have replaced life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for Americans – in a recent speech that was not a concession speech because Moore is still insisting that the race isn’t over.

"In this race, we have not received the final count to include military and provisional ballots," Moore said in the new video. "This has been a very close race and we are awaiting certification by the secretary of state."

When will it be official?

The election needs to be certified no sooner than Dec. 26 and no later than Jan. 3. The secretary of state’s office is planning to make it official between Dec. 27 and Dec. 29.

On today’s show, Jeffy wasn’t sure he could listen to four minutes of Moore’s “blah, blah, blah,” but he, Brad and Kal gave it a try.

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