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Man who claims to be time-traveler predicts Trump's reelection and the rise of AI

Doc Thompson
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“Noah,” a man who claims he’s a time-traveler from the year 2030, has given the world some predictions about the future.

He’s also reportedly passed a polygraph test, but as critics pointed out, the video of “Noah” going through a lie detection exam doesn’t show the machine’s actual results.

Here are some of his claims about our near future:

  • President Donald Trump will be re-elected.
  • Artificial intelligence will be able to run your home on its own.
  • Anti-aging pills will keep us from growing old.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s 21-year-old granddaughter will become president after the law changes to allow people under 35.

Can any part of this supposed time-traveler’s story be believed? On today’s show, Doc, Jeffy and Kris hoped so because they really want to learn more about that anti-aging pill!

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