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Glenn Beck
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The machines are rapidly taking over — and their next move is to get creative.

On Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck and the guys listened to two clips of music “written” by artificial intelligence, one a classical-sounding piano piece and the second a lighter free styling.

One company is well on its way to replacing creatives with robots. The Coca-Cola brand has been working on using AI to create its ads, and the algorithms can reportedly already choose music for ads and write copy. Coke’s plan is to use AI for the entire process of ad creation and placement from writing the music and the copy to posting on social media and purchasing ad space.

“They’re starting to get rid of people,” Glenn said. The AI is “taught” after listening to classical music, pop music and jingles.

“When did this happen? Really? You’re going to be shocked to find that we’ve been CGI and AI for a long time,” he joked. “‘Intelligence’ isn’t really the operative word there.”

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