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Listen to these unbelievable explanations of Memorial Day and US history

Pat and Stu
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What do we commemorate on Memorial Day? Who won the Civil War? What was the Revolutionary War about?

College-aged people celebrating Memorial Day weekend on the beach apparently couldn’t answer these simple questions posed by Fox News’ Jesse Watters. Brad Staggs, Kari Malinak and Jason Buttrill watched the clip while guest-hosting Tuesday’s “Pat & Stu.”

“What are we honoring on Memorial Day?” Watters asked. “Beats me,” one beachgoer replied.

Interviewees also had some interesting answers about the Revolutionary War. “Who did America fight in the Revolutionary War?” Watters asked. “France,” “China,” “countries” and “North vs. South” were among the responses.

“Have we really become that dumb?” Brad wondered on Tuesday’s show.

Jason pointed out that most people don’t realize what they’re celebrating on Memorial Day weekend. The issue isn’t that barbecue and beer have become part of the American celebration; the problem is that people forget the military sacrifices that have kept us safe.

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