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Listen: Violent reactions and rhetoric to US naming Jerusalem as capital are dangerously misguided

Palestinian protesters burn the US and Israeli flags in Gaza City on December 6, 2017. President Donald Trump is set to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, upending decades of careful US policy and ignoring dire warnings from Arab and Western allies alike of a historic misstep that could trigger a surge of violence in the Middle East. / AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD HAMS

How the media reacted last week to President Trump's decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem are dangerously misguided according to Jonathon Dunne of  "Freedom's Disciple." The outrage is confounding. Why? Jonathon asserts that the lack of education and gross misunderstanding of the Middle East and anti-Semitism in the media is guiding people away from the truth.

The false narratives of Israel taught at universities and progressive media outlets are partly to blame, but the response from terrorist groups like Hamas (which the media calls a Palestinian group) only perpetuate violence against Israel ultimately preventing peace to take place.

Tune in to find out what Johnathon had to say about the controversial decision to move the embassy and the violence that's ignited.

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