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Listen: Why is the cost of health care such a mystery?

Doc Thompson

Shouldn’t you know how much it costs to have a baby or undergo a medical procedure before it happens?

Doc's wife recently had a baby, and he and Kal had a lot of practical questions about medical care and its costs on the show. What’s with all the extra costs that get added on without explanation?

After paying a $1,500 bill, "I get a letter from the hospital. It looked like a bill," Doc said. "It was $2,900 ... I don't know what it costs to have a baby now." How can a hospital get away with not revealing the full cost of a service and hitting people with multiple mysterious bills?

"Name another industry where you do business with them and afterwards they just tell you what you owe them," Doc said. "How have we allowed this nonsense to happen? ... I don't know what it's for."

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