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Loud kids, demanding orders: Are you breaking these unwritten restaurant rules?

Doc Thompson
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Don’t treat the menu like your blank canvas. Your phone shouldn’t be a distraction to other tables. And please, don’t let your kids run wild.

Celebrity chef Patrick Mosher joined Wednesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to analyze a Thrillest list of “19 Unwritten Restaurant Rules You’re Probably Breaking.” Doc Thompson and Kal Elsebai wanted to know if it’s OK to modify your order not to include onions or pickles … and Doc also wondered if he and Kris Cruz are allowed to sit next to each other.

Remembering the difference between a busboy and a server is important. It’s not polite to the wait staff to expect them to cover tables that aren’t part of their duties, and it’s also crucial for cleanliness for their roles to be distinct.

“He’s been touching dirty glasses and plates … do you really want him bringing something to your table?” Patrick asked.

How far is too far when it comes to editing your menu selection? The Thrillest writers’ take: “Substituting a side salad with rice alongside your duck à l'orange is probably fine. Asking to substitute fresh ground beef for the duck and a pack of melted green Skittles for the citrus sauce is going too far.”

Patrick agreed, specifying that asking for no pickles or onions as a topping is fine, but completely changing the nature of the dish by asking that a key ingredient in a sauce be removed is too much.

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