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Man who claimed to be 146 years old has died

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A man believed to be the oldest living human in recorded history has died at 146 years old.

Indonesian man Mbah Gotho was taken to the hospital on April 12 but wanted to return home in spite of his frail condition to spend his remaining time with his family. Gotho had outlived four wives, his children and all 10 of his siblings, The Telegraph reported. One of his grandsons said he had been preparing to die since 1992, when he bought a burial site. On Monday, Gotho was buried there near his children’s graves.

According to Gotho’s papers, he was born in December 1870. While Indonesia did not start recording births until 1900 and has made mistakes in such records, officials told the BBC that the man’s papers were valid. They had examined other documents from Gotho and also conducted interviews with him.

“What I want is to die," Gotho said last year, noting that his grandchildren are independent by now.

Pat sympathized with the quote since Gotho had had to live through so much. “He had lived so long, though, that I think he was just done,” Pat said.

The guys couldn’t get over how long he had lived and wondered what it would be like to exist for that many decades.

“That’s almost Old Testament,” Pat said of Gotho’s 146-year lifespan. "That's old."

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