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Parents, Hollywood wants to brainwash your kids. Don't let them.

Matt Walsh
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As I mentioned a few days ago, Disney has announced that the new "Beauty and the Beast" film will add a subplot that definitely was not in the original. Specifically, one of the male characters will "explore his sexuality" throughout the movie, leading to, as the director describes it, a "delicious payoff" where the character will engage in an "exclusively gay moment."

Now, even before taking into consideration this character's explicit homosexuality, it's already deeply deranged and disgusting to include an exploration of repressed sexual urges in a kid's movie about talking household utensils. The director says that the gay character, LeFou, develops a crush on another male character, leading to a dynamic where " one day LeFou wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston." That's weird and perverse on several levels.

If you wish to actually become the person who is also the object of your sexual desires, you need to seek counseling. It's not healthy. And it certainly is not a theme that belongs a children's movie. There will come a time when my kids will learn that this kind of disordered sexuality exists, but now is not the time for them to find out, and this is certainly not the way for them to find out.

With this film, and with so many other Hollywood productions, the goal is not simply to introduce certain facts of life to the viewer, but to promote a certain value system and indoctrinate the viewer into it. The director of "Beauty and the Beast" has been clear that one of his intentions is to normalize homosexuality. He's chosen a very potent tool by which to do it.

Movies, TV, music — these have all proven to be extremely effective vehicles for Leftism. The most effective, I'd say. Especially when it comes to kids. As parents, we need to be aware of this. We can't downplay even something as silly as a gay subplot in a Disney film. When kids are exposed to this kind of thing, in that kind of context, they inevitably come away from it feeling exactly as the filmmakers want them to feel: that this is normal, healthy, good, desirable.

As I discuss in my podcast today, if we do not wish for our children to adopt the value system Hollywood promotes, we have to start being much more careful and discerning about the things we allow them to watch.

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