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Matt Walsh: There is no Republican Party

Matt Walsh
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

My podcast today focuses on the death of the Republican Party. A death which occurred a while ago. What exists today is a rotting, ineffectual corpse. We have given this corpse control of the government, and it hasn't done anything with it or advanced any conservative policies, because it is not conservative. It is not anything, really. It's an empty shell filled with empty men.

There are many betrayals and failures I could highlight -- health care being a big one -- but here I concentrate on what is, to me, the most egregious: We are 6 months in a Republican controlled Congress and White House yet, still, Planned Parenthood is being funded. Our "pro-life" Republican legislators have chosen to fund the abortion industry. Funding the abortion industry is not a Democrat initiative today, but a Republican one. The Democrats are not capable of funding anything at the moment. They lack the power. Republicans have the power and have decided to use it to steal our money and hand it to abortionists.

As I said, this is just one betrayal of many. But it is inexcusable and despicable, and I have much more to say about it:

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