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MLB executives give crazy answers when asked about hypothetical Mike Trout deal

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Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels signed a $144.5 million contract extension three years ago at just twenty-three years old which ensured his spot with the Angels until  2020.

In a comical hypothetical scenario, Yahoo! Sports asked around 60 executives, assistant general managers, scouts, and agents of Major League Baseball what the free agent market would bear for Mike Trout had he been an unrestricted free agent at 26-years-old. The answers were mind boggling.

This morning on “Pat and Stu,” the guys discussed the insane estimates that were given for a hypothetical deal.

Surprising dollar amounts for the deal ranged from $200 million for a four-year deal to $250 million for five years and $500 million for 10 years.

“But it’s inconceivable,” said Pat Gray. “Can that possibly be a good deal for the team? Is that a profitable deal for the team?”

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