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NAACP leader defends Confederate monuments: 'You can’t eliminate what history is\

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President of the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, chapter of the NAACP, Esther M. Lee, is speaking out against the removal of Confederate memorials, calling it senseless and stating history should be left to stand. This comes after vandals across the country continue to destroy Confederate memorials following a violent series of events in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday.

Lee denounced the vandals in North Carolina and around the country, noting that violence is violence.

“You know that’s history. That was in that point in time. You can’t eliminate what history is,” she told WFMZ. “A young woman died. Two officers were murdered in a plane crash, and all for what?” Lee asked. “Because somebody in their mind decided, ‘We don’t need to look at that anymore.'”

Today on “Pat & Stu” the guys discussed Lee’s comments as well as Shaun King, an outspoken Black Lives Matter activist and columnist for the New York Daily News.

“That’s kind of a surprise,” said Pat Gray. “That, you would not expect. The one thing I’ve seen from the NAACP was that Shaun ... what’s his face? Shaun King, is it?”

“The guy who says he’s black but he’s not?” said Stu Burguiere.

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