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Netflix to release vulgar, sex-fueled cartoon series directed at teens

Pat Gray Unleashed
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Netflix released a teaser trailer for their latest animated series, “Big Mouth," and it's just another raunchy, progressive inflection you'll want to keep your kids away from. The vulgar series focuses on rebellion, teenage sexuality, masturbation, hormones, genitalia, and puberty.

In one scene, a foul-mouthed hormone monster visits a young boy in bed urging him to "massage his dinger" while picturing his dad's associate, Susan. In another uncomfortable scene, Nicky's dad explains to him that he can touch and kiss a male's genitalia without being a homosexual.

The trailer was released by Netflix on September 12 and includes graphic sex scenes involving teenagers as young as 15 and is being marketed to young adults. The show's executive producer, Jennifer Flacked, told Variety the show is focused on "building an identity" for young teens.

See the trailer for yourself:

Pat's take:

"Big Mouth" is not an attempt at proper sex education Pat said. "What kind of depravity are we willing to tolerate now? Another tremendous effort from Hollywood who hates everything good and praises everything bad."

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