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No, America is NOT a democracy, it's a republic -- here's the difference
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No, America is NOT a democracy, it's a republic -- here's the difference

In the latest episode of “Freedom’s Disciple,” Jonathon Dunne examines the differences between a constitutional republic and a democracy, explains why a republic is better for everyone, discusses due process vs. the right to be believed, and why the Kavanaugh hearings should worry every young person today.

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Here are the show's highlights:

Democracy & Republics

Today it is popular for politicians and people in the media on ALL sides to call America a democracy. How many people do you think know the differences between a republic and a democracy? I factually compare America as a republic (as your founders designed it) and the United Kingdom, a popular modern-day democracy, as I compare the different bodies in each country and the powers each body holds.

Why a Republic is Better

As someone who lives under a democracy, I can tell you firsthand it how badly it sucks and how it the tyranny of the majority. I want to explain why I believe a republic is better because your founders designed a system with check and balances with three co-equal branches of government whereas a democracy may have different branches, they are not equal and power usually held within one body. The other major difference is a democracy is purely about the majority or a very small minority of people, where the republican system of government is for everyone and gives everyone a voice.

Due Process

Last Thursday, DC held a show trial of Brett Kavanaugh as he had been accused of several crimes including attempted rape. Forget the case of Brett Kavanaugh and let's discuss the pure principles that are now up for discussion within your society. Protesters were chanting that people have a right to be believed - can you imagine this in practice? Should we ignore ALL of human history of people being flawed and having the potential to lie?

This case also highlights the importance of the Constitution and why it must never stop being promoted - you have a right to due process, a right to face your accusers and a right to innocence until proven guilty. At different times these have all been attacked in this case, and it is critical people don't make these principles political but explain why they are God-given rights for everyone.

Young People Should be Worried!

As I watched Democrats question Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday, one major thought kept running thru my head - young people today are so screwed if America does not return to principles. Kavanaugh's life, career, and family have been destroyed by accusations with little to no hard evidence. As he defended himself in DC on Thursday, they questioned him (and tried to make him look bad) on his drinking habits, his calendars, his year-books and even discussed farting.

If they can do that to someone like Kavanaugh with such little evidence, can you imagine what they will be able to do to people in the future where we have endless social media posts, comments, browser search history, phone / text records and information on everything from your gaming devices to your app usages like Netflix and Amazon. What kids are doing today will be used to destroy them (if they are on the "wrong" side), unless eternal principles are restored.

Special Project Update:

On Monday, I was proud to launch our second design. It's a simple message I try to live my life by:

"It's never Personal, it's always Principles".

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