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Oscar Mayer and Famous Amos? Guess which food brands were named for real people

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Did you know that Marie Callender, Amos of Famous Amos cookies, Mrs. Fields and Oscar Meyer were all real people?

Chef Patrick joined “The Morning Blaze” to talk about brand names that started with ordinary people, and their stories are pretty inspiring. (Skip to 6:45 in the clip above to get straight to the list.)

  • Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield opened an ice cream store in a former gas station in Vermont back in 1978. Their popular ice cream became the Ben & Jerry’s brand.
  • Italian immigrant Hector Boiardi realized he had a big idea when customers at his restaurant kept asking for takeout. Chef Boiardi Food Products eventually became Chef Boyardee, allowing people to make easy pasta dinners at home.
  • Marie Callender started a pie business with her husband and son that grew into a restaurant chain and a frozen food venture.

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