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Pat and Stu give additional reasons why we should bomb North Korea

Pat and Stu
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There has been much talk of late of the saber rattling coming from the hermit nation of North Korea. Hawks, Doves, and everyone in between have opinions to share as to what ought to be done (or not done). Doves would argue that going to war with North Korea is too costly in terms of human life and also dollars and therefore, ought not be attempted. Hawks, on the other hand, will point to the threat posed by North Korea to its neighbors and also to the US, should it gain the capability to successfully launch one of its nuclear weapons on a long-range missile.

On "Pat and Stu" today, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere had another reason for advocating for war: North Korean president Kim Jong Un's hair.

"Look at that hair. Come on now. What is that?" Pat asked with incredulity.

Stu added his thoughts on the dictator's locks, but brought it back to a note of seriousness:

"Kim Jong Il was crazy. Kim Il Sung was crazy. They're all crazy. But Kim Jong Un is the first one I really believe might actually launch a nuclear weapon against South Korea."

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