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Pat and Stu have an important point about the 'enhanced' TSA pat-downs and transgender bathrooms

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The Transportation Security Administration is launching new "enhanced" pat-downs at American airports. While TSA officials have been tight-lipped about the details of the new procedure, an airport trade group has warned that TSA agents will use the front sides of their hands — rather than the backs as has been the practice heretofore — to search passengers suspected of having explosives.

The pat-downs are expected to be so intrusive that the TSA alerted local law enforcement agencies across the country that they may begin receiving calls from angry travelers who feel their personal space was violated.

Commenting on the story Tuesday afternoon on "Pat & Stu," Pat Gray was miffed that Americans are asked to go to great lengths to ensure transgender people aren't made uncomfortable, but are also expected to put up with TSA agents invading our personal space and touching sensitive areas of our bodies based on scant evidence.

"The story will never be, 'Heterosexual Pat Gray felt uncomfortable by being felt up at the airport.'" Pat exclaimed. "That will never be a story. That will not be a story. They don't give a rat's ass about my feelings, about my comfort level, about my sensitivities. ... We only care about transgender (people) and homosexuals."

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