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PETA claims rats deserve our protection, just like dogs and cats

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Major cities in the Northeast have begun using dry ice to combat their out-of-control mice and rat populations. This new pest control method has been phenomenally effective and has brought costs down considerably compared to traditional baits, traps, and poisons. However, the EPA has stepped in to stop the practice until environmental studies are performed, and various special interest groups have decried this new, effective, humane rodent control method. Jeffy can't understand the motivation for this resistance.

"Then the people from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals stepped into the foray, saying, 'Rodents deserve our protection.'" Jeffy relates. "Wait, what?"

Jeffy goes on: "There was a 95 percent reduction in rats — 60 percent in Chicago alone. It works. Let them use it. Life will be better with less rats."

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