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Pittsburgh airport to be first since 9/11 to allow non-fliers to do this

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Starting next week, you’ll be able to walk your loved one up to the gate in Pittsburgh International Airport even if you’re not flying.

The airport has been approved to be the first U.S. airport allowing non-fliers to go through security into terminals since 9/11, USA Today reported. People who aren’t flying will have to check in and show a driver’s license or passport to obtain a complimentary visitor’s pass. They will then go through the same Transportation Security Administration screening and must show ID to be checked against no-fly lists to enter the terminal areas.

More people in the airport means more money spent on shopping and at restaurants. On Wednesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Doc Thompson and Kal Elsebai looked at the pros and cons of allowing non-flying visitors to enter terminal areas.

“The airports would want this because it’s more people buying crap behind security,” Doc noted. “More commerce; it makes sense.”

Doc remembered when airports used to let people walk up to the gate – before security officials cracked down in the wake of 9/11.

One potential issue is longer wait times for fliers since more people will be going through security checkpoints. Airport and TSA officials have said that fliers will get priority in screening lines during peak hours; non-flying visitors are also limited to visiting between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays as the airport tests the program.

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