Professor: Democrats lack viable ideas on tax reform and are the wealthiest in Congress

Professor Allan Saxe of the University of Texas at Arlington joined Justin Barclay on today’s episode of “Pat Gray Unleashed” to share insightful information on what the GOP’s tax reform effort could mean for the U.S. economy as a whole.

“If all those liberal Democrats want to pay more money — and many of them are millionaires — I think it came up several months ago where there was a release of the 10 wealthiest people in Congress, and seven out of the 10 were Democrats. And so, to hear them talk about how they love the little guy and all the big guys are on the Republican’s side leaves me with some strange amusement,” said Saxe.

Listen above to hear the vital points made by professor Saxe on behalf of those opposed to the bill as the House votes on the final tax bill tonight.

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