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Professor who said 'some white people might have to die' is now receiving death threats

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Chris Salcedo discussed a story unearthed by the American Conservative today on "The Chris Salcedo Show" exposing Texas A&M professor Tommy Curry's declaration that "some white people might have to die."

Why? So that black people can "be equal, in order to be liberated"This was said in an interview Curry gave years ago, but it has resurfaced because people are making death threats against him on YouTube.  In the comments for an article at the Daily Nous defending Curry, Curry himself weighed in:

"Thank you for the response. I actually did not know or anticipate the distortion of this segment. It was made 5 years ago and a commentary about the reaction the public had to Jamie Foxx’s joke that he enjoyed killing white people in the movie Django. In my mind, there was nothing controversial in describing the reaction to his view or articulating a historical fact that some Black civil rights leaders as well as enslaved Africans believed violence was necessary for liberation."

Chris juxtaposed this aggressive wording  with modern, self-imposed segregation at Harvard where black students there have raised $27,000 to hold their own, separate graduation ceremony in addition to the regular ceremony with all the other students. Chris blamed government education for what seems like a backward slide in race relations in America.

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