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Rabbi Lapin: Even our most selfish activities benefit others -- except these 2 things


Perhaps the most awkward conversation parents can have with their children concerns masturbation.  In this episode of  his show, Rabbi Daniel Lapin goes beyond the drivel told to your children in Sex Ed classes while they attend "Government Indoctrination Camps."

Masturbation, the art of selfishness.   Why is the smallest room in the house, the bathroom, so over decorated?    Monogrammed towels, soap shaped like seashells, really?  And, why are we so embarrassed about a perfectly natural bodily function like emptying our bowels?  For that matter, what does relieving oneself have to do with masturbation?

Rabbi Lapin offers advice on how to avoid all awkwardness in the "masturbation conversation" with teenagers. "The problem with masturbation is -- no it will not grow hair on your hands, and, no, it won't make you blind -- but it will have nonetheless a certain impact and that is what I lay out in the show."

Listen to the short sound-clip above or find the full podcast here.

More episodes of “Rabbi Daniel Lapin” are available on-demand at TheBlaze Contributors.

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