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Rabbi Lapin explains the basic difference between liberals and conservatives

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The distinction between liberalism and conservatism is simple and fundamental. Rabbi Daniel Lapin explained how to distinguish these two schools of political and social thought on this week’s show.

Being able to categorize things is an important part of IQ tests. But modern progressivism claims that even acknowledging the differences between one thing and another is negative and racially motivated. “Any time we do this, you are accused immediately of discrimination,” Rabbi Lapin said. But even something as simple as choosing a knife instead of a fork from the drawer involves “discriminating” between two things.

The basic distinction between the left and the right is the denial of or belief in objective reality, Rabbi Lapin asserted. Liberals don’t believe in objective reality, but conservatives do; for example, conservatives acknowledge that men and women are different, but liberalism claims that gender is a spectrum.

“Everything is open for adoption, explanation, modification, adjustment,” Rabbi Lapin said of the liberal perspective.

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