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Rabbi Lapin: If you care about 'income inequality,' this is what you should be advocating

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“Income inequality” has become a popular political talking point. But what is actually the biggest factor in determining how much money you make? Rabbi Daniel Lapin pointed to marriage as the real social divide in this week’s episode of “The Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show.”

“People who are in intact marriages and live in intact families end up doing far, far better financially than people who are isolated and who live alone,” Rabbi Lapin said. “Married people make far, far more money than single people do.”

Society is divided not by the “haves” and the “have nots” but into those who value marriage and education and those who do not. People who wait to have children until after they get married and who get an education make more money than people who have children without getting married and who have less education, Rabbi Lapin asserted.

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