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Rand Paul expresses fierce opposition to Saudi Arabia arms deal ahead of vote in the Senate

Mike Opelka
Pete Marovich / Stringer

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) asked the Senate to vote today in opposition to the $110 billion arms deal President Donald Trump made with Saudi Arabia during his first overseas trip last month. Asking if the United States should give money or arms to Saudi Arabia at all, Paul reminded his colleagues of Saudi Arabia's 30 years of jihad philosophy and their hatred of Judeo-Christian tradition.

He argued that selling them weapons is a huge mistake because every time they help the United States, they hurt it twice as much. He paraphrased one of the emails between former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and John Podesta: "We must put pressure on Saudi Arabia and Qatar because they're supplying logistical and financial support to ISIL."

On "Pure Opelka" today, Mike Opelka remarked that the whole deal sounds like Fast and Furious, the infamous gun-running deal that resulted in the death of U.S. border agents, but only on a much bigger, more troubling scale. We may be fueling an arms race, as other nations around Saudi Arabia will want to arm, leaving our ally Israel in a terrible position.

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