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Robots have now been created that can simulate rape and pedophilia

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Law professor John Banzhaf is warning people to prepare for lifelike sex robots that are being used to simulate rape, asserting that the government and the law need to catch up.

Glenn Beck and the guys discussed the potential dangers of robots used so people can act out their desires for rape and pedophilia on Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.” Do we want corporations making decisions when it comes to these disturbing trends?

“There are now sex robots that you can program to react to you as if you're raping them," Glenn explained.

Some people think these robots are a good idea because then the would-be rapist isn’t hurting a human person. But normalizing rape with a sex robot that has to be “forced” only seems to be encouraging the problem.

“Seeing that it’s all about power and control … I don’t think these rapists would be seeing the difference between a robot and a woman,” Glenn objected. “This is a disturbing trend that maybe we should probably start thinking about.”

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