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Scott Pruitt will hear all viewpoints as EPA head

(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Mike Slater is intrigued by Donald Trump's nominee for administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, current Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Mike hopes that under Pruitt's watch, the scientists who have advanced the climate change narrative over the last eight years will be properly scrutinized and challenged.

Mike points out that under Obama, the only acceptable perspective on climate change, both within the EPA and elsewhere, has been complete and unquestioning support of the human-caused global warming narrative. But despite the Left's continued assertions that 99 percent of scientists agree with that point of view, many notable climate experts loudly disagree. Once Trump assumes office, these voices will be properly heard and their evidence weighed.

"Our goal as Conservatives now moving forward is not to silence anyone, but to question everything," Mike proclaims. "Let all scientists make their claims. But also it must be open to an honest hearing. All scientists. All science."

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