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Senator: The coming cyber warfare will mean you won't be able to trust anything, including email

Glenn Beck
Hacker using laptop. Hacking the Internet. (scyther5/gettyimages)

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) warned that the American people will be in big trouble if they can’t trust U.S. security agencies in an interview with CBS News over the weekend.

Glenn Beck and the guys discussed cyber warfare and the dangers of hacking on Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.” Hacking is a huge risk, not only because of the real information being disseminated, but also because hackers can add in a small amount of fake information as well. When most of the hacked emails or other information is real, how can people distinguish the small amount that’s fake?

We are entering an “age of cyber warfare” where hackers will be able to infiltrate personal accounts, add false information and then create their own narratives, Sasse asserted.

“97 percent of those records are gonna be real, and there’s gonna be texture to it,” Sasse explained “But three percent of the records are gonna be fabricated, and they’re gonna be interwoven.” People won’t know what to believe, making it easier and easier to take down our leaders by sowing distrust among the public.

“This is how disinformation works,” Glenn said.

Pat Gray pointed out that this risk is the reason it’s flawed thinking to not care about hackers. Even if you have nothing to hide, “They’ll make it look like you’ve done something wrong.”

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