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Senator wants to combat US opioid addiction crisis

Mike Opelka
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Mike Opelka welcomed Delaware Senator Chris Coons (D) to "Pure Opelka" today. After discussing the Senate hearings, a potential new director for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and agreeing that an independent special prosecutor would help move the business of the country forward, they turned to America's opioid addiction crisis.

Over 33,000 Americans died of opioid-related overdose in 2015 alone.

Coons wanted to update Delawarians, some heartbroken parents, that have contacted him regarding resources for treatment. Opioid addiction takes up effort and energy for both the public health sector and law enforcement, in addition to the toll on families.

Last year, Congress made a bipartisan effort to pass the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, which is currently funded through September with $1.3 billion. Delaware will receive a standard portion of that, plus compete for grants for additional funding of state programs.

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