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Socialism had this surprising benefit for women -- according to studies by socialist governments

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When the workers control the means of production, does it really help women enjoy sex more? That’s what a New York Times opinion piece claimed this Sunday, arguing that socialism increased pleasure for Eastern Block women. The writer, Kristen R. Ghodsee, is a University of Pennsylvania professor of Russian and East European studies.

The piece mostly cites anecdotal evidence and studies conducted by communist nations from before the wall came down. The conclusion? Not having to worry about money and work led to a “life … full of romance,” as reported by Bulgarian Ana Durcheva.

Ghodsee describes a sort of freedom to flirt and and enjoy the company of men because there is freedom from personal responsibility and the existential angst of making a life for oneself.

Mike Opelka questioned the timing of all this purported socialist hanky-panky on Monday’s “Pure Opelka,” asking, “When? When they were standing in line to buy toilet paper?”

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