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State employee is collecting a fat paycheck for very little work -- and was caught boasting about it

Mike Opelka
KristinaJovanovic/Getty Images

David Bookstaver is getting paid over $166,000 a year by the citizens of New York -- and bragged to friends about how little he does to earn that money. The reason we know about it? He accidentally butt dialed a New York Post reporter while engaging in the bragging.

The spokesman for the state court system hasn't worked on a Friday for the past three years. He sometimes only comes in two days a week. Bookstaver began working for the state in 1996. He also inherited $2.5 million when his mother passed in 2015.

The government employee is planning to retire on October 1st of this year and intends to collect his pension. He had previously spoken to a Post reporter after his light work schedule was revealed but did not think a story would affect his future.

When asked for comment on this spurt of boasting, Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks said: "David’s experience and insight are no less valuable.”

"This is why gigantic governments make me angry," Mike Opelka said on today's "Pure Opelka." "God forbid the cops decide to act like this guy.”

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