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Stop 'whitewashing history' and 'teach truth to these kids

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The Dallas Independent School District will recommend renaming four schools linked to the Confederacy.

Schools under review include:

  1. Albert Sidney Johnston Elementary School
  2.  William L. Cabell Elementary School
  3. Stonewall Jackson Elementary School
  4. Robert E. Lee Elementary School

The move was endorsed by the Dallas Morning News’ editorial board yesterday and the district is currently investigating an additional 20 schools that honor Confederate generals.

“We applaud Dallas ISD trustees' smart but controversial recommendation to change the name of elementary schools that honor Confederate generals who led the fight to keep slavery,” wrote the Dallas Morning News. “We understand the sense of urgency that made the district speed up its usual process: There's been a resurgence of these tributes being used as symbols of white supremacy.”

The district attributed the changes to a contentious national debate surrounding Confederate memorials.

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin are also under review according to Dustin Marshall, a District 2 Trustee who shared the list in a Facebook post and said he will not endorse a name change for Benjamin Franklin given his contributions to the country.

Pat’s take:

Pat gave a brief history lesson of all the Americans who were actually good guys and fair to minorities.

"Sam Houston is a massive hero in Texas," said Pat. "He was an abolitionist. He was against slavery and fought against it his whole life."

"Rather than just do this whitewashing of history, why can't you teach truth to these kids?" asserted Pat. "Why?"

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