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Storm chasing family talks about the 'outpouring of the heart' in communities ravaged by tornadoes

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Bill and Danielle Ford of Storm Warriors, a couple whose work requires them to be at the wrong place at the right time, joined "Pat & Stu" to explain how they strive to both warn people of impending danger and help victims of storm damage rebuild their lives.

Storm Warriors, a televised show that captures some of the most gnarly of storms, stops to render aid to families almost immediately.

"Well once a storm hits, their storm is just beginning. And so we stop ... we don't track the storm any further when we see that people need help. That's when we do the assist and the restore," said Danielle Ford.

"Every storm has its own personality," said Bill Ford. "The biggest storm ... probably the most dangerous storm that we've been in was the El Reno, Oklahoma, tornado. The biggest tornado ever recorded."

The storm chasing couple went on to say that their message is one of hope and unity.

"A storm comes. People's lives are changed. People come together. It's an amazing outpouring of the heart in these communities and that's the part we love the most, is bringing these communities together," said Bill.

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