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Stu: Don't like the bad health care bills? Here's who is really to blame

Glenn Beck
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Republicans in Congress, not President Donald Trump, are at fault for bad legislation like the Better Care Replacement Act, Stu Burguiere said on Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Senate Republicans delayed a vote on the health care plan earlier this week. Trump supports the bill, which conservatives say won’t do anything to lower health care costs, only because he wants to repeal Obamacare and “win.” He would also support a better bill that actually reduces the size of government and helps stop rising health care premiums.

The bottom line is that Trump wouldn’t understand any health care plan that Republicans put forward and that he would support a good or a bad plan, Stu asserted.

He blamed Republican lawmakers for not doing their part and repealing Obamacare the way they promised many times during the last seven years.

“Maybe the Republicans in Congress can just do their freaking jobs where they don’t need the president at all. The only thing they need from him is to sign it,” Stu said.

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