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Survey: People with these jobs are more likely to cheat in relationships

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Is the cliché of the secretary having an affair with their boss true? Which business professions are most likely to cheat? And what do stay-at-home moms and IT workers have in common? Jeffy Fisher has the answers on this week’s episode of “The Jeff Fisher Show.”

People in certain professions are more likely to cheat on their significant others, according to survey research from Victoria Milan, an Ashley Madison-esque dating site that sets up people for affairs.

IT workers, stay-at-home moms, personal assistants, real estate agents, educators and people in communications are in the top 10 professions most likely to cheat.

“I’m in the top 10. Don’t tell my wife,” Jeffy joked.

The No. 1 profession most likely to cheat? People who work in the financial sector are most likely to have affairs; the theory is that something in the culture encourages infidelity, Jeffy explained. The main takeaway for him is that if you’ve made the unfortunate mistake of having an affair, you may be able to try to blame your profession.

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